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7 Steps To Increase Your Event ROI shows you how to track leads from your events, create an ecosystem to nurture prospects until they are ready to buy, and calculate the amount of revenue generated from each event.


  • How To Get More Out of Your Events
  • Strategies to Create and Distribute Content From Your Events
  • How To Automate Your Content Delivery
  • Creating a well-defined conversion path to close Event leads into customers
  • Using Analytics to Define Success of Your Events

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Goliath Hardscape Media was born out of a passion for making something better. Making the Hardscape Industry better. Through better ideas.

So we put together a team of creative people, used the best marketing tools available and started helping the Hardscape Industry create direct relationships with their customers through Social Media, Trade Shows, Marketing Automation and Inbound Marketing.

That’s our mission at Goliath. To make it easier for Hardscape Dealers, Suppliers, Distributors and Manufacturers to develop and nurture these direct relationships with the customers who use their products. We hope you join us.

About Goliath Hardscape Alliance | A Digital & Inbound Marketing Agency


At Goliath, we live our lives at stone yards and job sites not boardrooms. We wear steel toes not dress shoes. We know the stories that resonate with the Hardscape Industry and we can help you write the most successful chapter for your company. 

Our Social Media messaging, Trade Show Lead Management, ChatBot Creation and Inbound Marketing programs are based on engaging with the Hardscape Contractor community instead of just broadcasting messages. Whether it’s more leads or brand awareness, we act like a member of your sales team even if you have a dealer/distributor network instead of an outside sales force.

If you are looking for a Marketing agency that knows the Hardscape Industry and specializes in engagement driven content, we are here to help.

While others create noise, quietly create value.

– Dharmesh Shah (Co-founder of HubSpot)

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