Events Are Your Lifeblood. Make them better.

You spend a lot of your Marketing budget on Trade Shows and Events. But do you have a plan for getting sales after? With a customized Sales Funnel you can have an automated method to turn those leads into dollars
  • You already collect a list of leads from your events.
  • We take those leads and use marketing software to take your customer on a journey.
  • The goal is to make them go from a prospect, to a customer, to a client.
Your Influence Lasts Only As Long As The Event
You have something important to say and something important to show. That's why you exhibit at trade shows and hold customer BBQ's & demos. Once the event is done, so is your chance to make an impact.
Now Your Events Have A Real Sales Process
We all know that leads from events are usually just a list of people who have not used your products/services that happened to visit your booth. Not really a list of hot prospects...until now.
Events + Social + Chatbots = Hitting Sales Targets
Event Sales Funnels work seamlessly with your Social platforms. We can also add a Chatbot to round out a complete campaign.
Eventually Your Events Will Need Show An ROI
Chances are your Marketing Department does not calculate a Return On Investment for your Events. We can help you make ROI math your friend.

81% Of Companies Do Not Calculate An ROI For Their Events

76% Of Companies Have No Event Follow Up Strategy

79% Of Companies Have No Sales Process For Their Events